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If you’re a CEO and want to improve
your executive team, there’s a powerful secret
mind skill that leaders are experiencing
and neuroscientists are confirming.

The #1 Secret
Mind Skill for CEOs

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Why Cornerstone ?

Want to know how to build an effective team that inspires your executives to lead effectively? We’re a performance driven mindfulness consulting firm for executives like you. We teach the #1 secret mind skill that is scientifically proven to increase leadership and decision-making abilities while increasing your bottom line.

Our Programs

We offer two mindfulness programs designed to increase your bottom line and build an effective c-suite.

Business Mindfulness Training

for Employees

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Business Mindfulness Training

for CEOs

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Our Products

We offer two mindfulness products that are self-lead and designed to help you reach your highest potential.

Business Mindfulness Training

Online Course

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Business Mindfulness Training


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Success Stories

  • Pat Niekamp
    Texas CEO Magazine

    “Cornerstone trains leaders to think innovatively and find solutions.”

  • Buddy Fichera
    Vistage Executive Leaders

    “Developing power over the mind is the highest leverage activity I can invest in.”

  • Peter Strople
    Dell Computer

    “I recommend every leader and every business consider partnering with Cornerstone.”

  • Pat Waak
    Colorado Women’s Leadership

    “Cornerstone provides excellent skills to improve employee productivity.”

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