As a CEO, improving your leadership ability is one of your most important assets.

We have implemented a powerful mind skill that leaders are experiencing and neuroscientists are finally able to confirm. Mindfulness is this inherent and imperative skill with tangible benefits in business.

Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar says people who meditate “have more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with working memory and executive decision making.”

If you would like to increase your leadership skills, your decision-making, and your mental clarity, then make sure you keep reading. . . .

Why is a “focused mind” important?

  • You want to increase your companies’ performance.
  • The demands of your work make it difficult to make decisions.
  • You want to increase your leadership abilities but don’t know how.
  • The stress of your being on top leads to social isolation.
  • You want to keep your top talent motivated and engaged.

Our Business Mindfulness Training Course can help.

We’ve created a comprehensive and straightforward program that will strengthen your mind like exercising at the gym. It’s the secret mindset shift that is scientifically-based in assisting you from intention to tangible results.

We’ve found that the biggest concerns for CEOs:

Based on a Stanford University survey of more than 200 CEOs
and executives are . . .

  • Conflict management
  • Developing talent
  • Leadership skills

And, did you know . . .

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the cost of stress to businesses is $300 billion a year and is the health epidemic of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, most of us have not received training to develop the mental skills to use stress to our advantage. Instead, we are at a loss of how to stay focused, make strategic decisions, and achieve lasting success.

It’s time to lead your company to the success it’s intended to be . . .




You can develop your mind with specific training to enhance mental clarity, leadership and decision-making skills. Your business can thrive by using stress to your advantage. The answer is not setting aside personal responsibility.

Meaningful leadership means stepping up and giving your undivided attention to the vision that you’re building for yourself, your executives, and the service you provide.

You can develop power over your mind to inspire your executive team and increase your companies’ performance. You already have everything you need, so let’s unleash the untapped potential of the focused mind.

Our Story

Hi, we’re Erika Marcoux and Jenn Fairbank. We are the co-CEOs of Cornerstone Mindfulness and have over 20 years of combined experience in leading people like you from their intention to their desired results.

We each have masters degrees in the field of psychology and have spent a decade researching what causes stress and how to lead people to reach their fullest potential. We are nationally trained mindfulness experts.

At the end of the day, it’s all about practicing mindfulness. We live by example and attribute every success we’ve experienced with Cornerstone to this daily practice.

Through our continued training, we’ve recognized the importance of mindfulness skills in leadership development. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies show that your brain literally grows after consistent meditation.

At the end of the day, it’s all about training your mind to be at the top of your game.

See What These CEO’s are Saying About this Course.

Peter Strople ~ Former Director of Dell Computer and Grid Systems

“Stress is the number one issue that affects human relationships, health and the inability to reach maximum potential of who we are designed to be. Cornerstone Mindfulness Training with Jenn and Erika is the secret for me to be at my best. Not only does it help me deal with health and stress issues but allows me to be calm, centered and completely fulfilled in every moment of my day. Jenn and Erika’s program allows me to be the best executive, friend and ME that I can be. I have been completely amazed at how just 15 minutes of meditation and focusing allows me to not only create new opportunities but more possibilities then I ever new possible. We are always looking for an easy fix or the one that is allowing us to compete at the highest levels. I recommend every leader and every business consider partnering with Cornerstone and their unique and personalized Mindfulness Training Programs. You can thank me later after you get the chance to meet Jenn and Erika. To Peace and Success!”PETER STROPLE
Former Director of Dell Computer and Grid Systems


A guided, online course that will develop your mind and leadership abilities.

The Business Mindfulness Training Course is a comprehensive training designed to focus your mind and provide the skills to lead your executive team.

It’s a 6-module course that includes lessons, meditations, and exercises designed to develop tangible mental acuity.

Topics include conflict management, listening, leadership, communication, team building, decision making, empathy, persuasion, and interpersonal and motivational skills.

The Course

  1. Cornerstone UniversityFocus on how successful leaders use mindfulness to reach great heights and shape the world in powerful ways.
  2. Stress BalanceFocus on building your understanding of the physiology of stress and how to increase your resilience while limiting the harmful effects.
  3. Emotional Intelligence Focus on how to secure and maintain your business relationships by developing emotional intelligence and emotional regulation.
  4. Leadership DevelopmentFocus on deepening your role of power by using assertive communication, removing blocks to productivity, and resolving conflict.
  5. Mental ClarityFocus on how to develop mental concentration, discernment, and clarity by enhancing new neural pathways in the brain.
  6. Self-EmpowermentFocus on developing a shift in your perception, marked by positive thinking and acceptance, so that you can achieve lead your team toward your vision.


  1. 39 Teaching videos total where we answer the most common struggles related to focusing your mind, keeping your team engaged, and developing leadership.
  2. 13 Meditations for you to practice daily to increase relaxation, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and mental acuity.
  3. 10 Exercises to use and share with your executive team, employees, and others in your life.
  4. 6 eBooks where we include all the information in our videos, meditations, and exercises for you to review at any time.
  5. 6-Month access so that you can start when you’re ready and complete it at your own pace and take breaks if you need to.

$497Start the Business Mindfulness Training now to achieve power from a focused mind.

Pat Niekamp ~CEO of the Texas CEO Magazine

“Several years ago I was reading a magazine interview of a political candidate who was running for President. When asked what his biggest personal challenge was, he said he had a great deal of trouble keeping his mind and his body in the same place at the same time—focused in the present. Since reading that article, the topic of mindfulness has fascinated me. Business leaders know the challenge of being in one place at one time with mind and body, and they know the challenge of thinking innovatively and having to clear out the “head trash” to find solutions. That’s what Cornerstone mindfulness training does for leaders—it clears out the head trash, allows us to focus on the present, and opens the mind to solutions.”PAT NIEKAMP
CEO of the Texas CEO Magazine

Common Questions

How can I share this course with my executives?We offer the Business Mindfulness Training for your Employees. We deliver the training to 20 of your employees either on-site or via conference call, and the training includes the online course. Click here for more details.

How can I receive individualized coaching? We offer the Business Mindfulness Training for CEOs. We deliver the training to you either on-site or via conference call, and the training includes the online course. Click here for more details.

How does this course work? You will receive 6 modules that include 39 lessons and 6 eBooks. The course contains videos with lessons and meditation experiences. This curriculum entails approximately 10 hours total.

Who is the course for?This course is designed for leaders of any type of business who want to increase their leadership skills, decision-making, and mental clarity.

When can I access my course? As soon as you purchase the course, you can start at any time. Upon purchase, you will have 6 months (183) days to complete this online course. The course is self-lead and you can complete it at your own pace.

What if I have questions? You can email [email protected] with your questions anytime and receive a response within 24 hours.

Jenn fairbank and Erika marcoux

About the co-CEOs

Hi. We’re Jenn Fairbank and Erika Marcoux and live in Austin, Texas. We’re dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential with our course, trainings, and books.

$497Start the Business Mindfulness Training now to achieve power from a focused mind.